Born in Mexico City, discovered music in the living room while listening to his dad’s records with a big influence by The Beatles. Rodrigo began mixing his own mixtapes when he was four years old. Later on, he had piano and drums lessons during most of his childhood until he discovered his own musical taste.
Production came along at the age of 19 when he discovered the software to make music and mix it opening his eyes to a new world of possibilities. Years of production and experience took him to play his music around the world and become more intrigued by the engineering behind the music. He always was captivated by the experimental albums of The Beatles and wanted to do something similar, that’s why he decided to go to London and become an Audio Engineer and Music Producer. He did his studies in SAE Institute, where his life changed completely.
Mentored by Audio Engineer Rory A. Walker, Rodrigo opened his mind to a whole new level of production understanding better the skeleton of audio giving him the opportunity to experiment in the studio with the elements of both analogue and digital worlds. He specialised in the use of SSL and Neve desks and outboard gear to increase the better shape of music.


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  • I worked with Rodrigo on an album of mine, (The Raging Sea), from the initial concept right through to completion. He not only offered me a creative and ideas driven environment to work within, which is absolutely key for me, but he also made the entire process easy, stress free and comfortable to work within. I never felt I could not try something or suggest something and I never felt like I had to settle for anything less than the best. I am pleased, proud and happy with the end product and I owe a lot of that to the excellent work of Rodrigo.

    Mark Mathews
  • Rodrigo brought out the best in me during our sessions.
    Nothing I asked was impossible- and I was made to feel comfortable and secure whilst he was an expert problem solver behind the desk. He is positive, professional and ensures the energy in the studio allows the artist to feel calm and, most importantly, get creative!
    I hope to work with him much more in the future.
    Tasha Taylor Johnson
  • Working with Rodrigo could not have been a smoother or more enjoyable experience. We had a bit of a schedule snag and needed to record a vocalist (who was in London) while we were in New York City. Rodrigo was recommended through a mutual friend, we booked studios in both cities and set up everything through source connect. Having never met him before, and having never used source connect for a session before, I was initially a bit nervous. The vocalist was one of the biggest names I had on the album and I was sending him to a studio and an engineer that I had never worked with before knowing I wouldn't be there in the studio with him and we would be connecting through for the session from NYC. From the minute the session started, Rodrigo put all of my doubts at ease. His knowledge of the studio he was working in, their equipment and the maturity in handling anything we threw at him was impressive and given the chance, I'd work with him again in a heartbeat. Top notch guy and engineer.

    Jonathan Reid Gealt
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